Playing Guitar With Your Kids: From Thalia Capos to Britain's Got Talent...

As many of you know, the idea for the Thalia Capo originated with my daughter Thalia, who came to me with her big idea when she was just 8-years old.  Music was inspiration in our lives then and it continues today, as both of my girls have grown and continue to play guitar and ukulele.  There is nothing as fun or as satisfying as playing music with my wife and girls, watching them perform or sharing the crazy ride of running this business.

Last night on Britain's Got Talent, we got to see another beautiful story unfold that I just have to share with you...  Tim Goodacre and his 12-year-old son Jack brought it home, as they both played guitar and harmonized with an original song that earned them a standing ovation and a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell. 

We watched this video as a family during breakfast this morning.  Everyone was glued to the screen as we fell in love with them and their song all over again.  We all left for the day feeling touched by their story. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to share music with my kids and I know from the stories that I have heard from many of you, that music is a key part of your families lives too. 

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P.S. Yes, Jack is a Thalia Capos Artist and we are extremely proud of him.. See Jack's Artist Page here