Hans Raag -- Electric Slide Blues Guitar

Hans shows us how to use a Thalia Capo with a slide!

Cas Lucas -- Acoustic Blues Slide Guitar

Cas tries out the Thalia Capo and shows how you can use it musically in acoustic blue slide guitar.

Chris Hughes -- Rock & Punk Guitar

Chris demonstrates the Thalia Capo and talks about its use.

John Chapman -- Flamenco & Jazz

John demonstrates how the Thalia Capo can be a versatile tool in classical, flamenco and jazz guitar.

Nick Testa -- Rock & Punk Guitar

Nick demos the Thalia Capo and gives his thoughts on its use.

Sliding the Thalia Capo Midsong

Job Travis demonstrates how a Thalia Capo can be moved within a song to create new musical possibilities with an original blues riff.