Custom Pick Puck

Custom Pick Puck


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John T.
Rose pick puck

This is on my new Maton. Have one on each of the guitars I regularly play (6) and love them.

Richard S.
I like it.

It's ok for what it is

Ken R.
So good I've bought five

Love these pick pucks. This one is the fifth I've bought for myself and for friends. They make a great gift.

William G.
Something I never knew I needed

I play live some and usually there are pics on the mic stands. But after trying one of these I’m sold. No more being tired to a spot since I use wireless. I can roam and enjoy the crown more! I love the gecko foot how it stays secure and does not harm the finish.

Austin A.
Made a great Christmas gift!

Got this and a matching Hummingbird Capo for my sister-in-law for Christmas. My wife's family has a sentimental connection to hummingbirds and the color purple, so it made an awesome gift combination!

Pick Puck Testing on Various Guitar Finishes

If you are wondering about how the pick puck may affect your guitar's finish you are in the right place.  In this blog article, I will perform a series of tests on my guitars and talk about finish safety.  The bottom line is that the pick puck uses thousands of nano-sized suction cups to adhere to your guitar.   While it doesn't use adhesive it does use suction, so certain finishes should be avoided.


In this next video, Chris demonstrates how to remove the pick puck safely without damaging the puck or your guitar's finish.