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Custom Pick Puck


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Donald T.
Love this idea!

I generally keep a couple of extra picks stuck under the pickguard or poker chip, but a couple of my guitars don't have either. This is the perfect solution! The fact that they look so cool is just a bonus! Have two of them so far...

Love the detail of this puck.

I really was excited to get this pick puck for Christmas and I think it's really creative and detailed. It stays on my guitar well, maybe a little too well. I tried to remove it to clean my guitar and my thumb slipped and took the top off. There's a small hub that cracked, but somehow it goes back together and stays! Now that's craftmanship! I will probably put a drop of super glue on it but when I emailed the nice folks here, they shipped me out a new one immediately. I own about 10 of their beautiful capos so I guess that didn't hurt but nonetheless they did the right thing so I am extremely satisfied.

Jay J.
Precisely what I was looking for

Superb craftsmanship and innovative design. Pick Puck 2.0 is exactly what was looking for to use on my Martin Acoustic Guitar! I couldn’t resist making a flower design when I really didn’t need all those picks.

Dan B.
Pick Puck with Celtic Cross

Extremely useful and easy to use (the suction cups work great). The black etching is a little thicker than I expected, and, combined with the black edge, makes the puck look darker overall than I anticipated. But it is still a good looking product, and I am conveniently able to fit it between the neck and the knobs at the top of the body of my guitar.

Matthew N.
Simple solution for a simple problem...

The pick puck is perfect for keeping a couple of picks close to hand and looks good at the same time. I'm not sure I'd use the puck for long terms storage, although time will tell with this, the picks could end up staying there permanently as they are very secure. The micro suction pads work well, so the puck can be easily moved or removed for storage if needed and the picks are gripped solidly, although they can easily be pulled out if needed with a variety of different pick thicknesses

Pick Puck Testing on Various Guitar Finishes

If you are wondering about how the pick puck may affect your guitar's finish you are in the right place.  In this blog article, I will perform a series of tests on my guitars and talk about finish safety.  The bottom line is that the pick puck uses thousands of nano-sized suction cups to adhere to your guitar.   While it doesn't use adhesive it does use suction, so certain finishes should be avoided.


In this next video, Chris demonstrates how to remove the pick puck safely without damaging the puck or your guitar's finish.