Custom Pick Puck

Custom Pick Puck


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Ana A.
Kaleidoscopic pick puck mini

Just received it today as always great quality product and so pretty too. 😍

John R.
Blue Abalone Pick Puck

Great solution for keeping picks close at hand.

Andy W.
Great little gadget with a really cool design

I love my new pick puck. Its design is a perfect match for an old 1980s Washburn electric guitar that I recently rescued and refinished. The pick puck was super-easy to attach to the guitar and is very convenient to use, and it allows me to keep my favourite pick with the guitar. It's a great little gadget with a really cool design.

Dale W.
Pick Puck and Capo Combo

I have never seen a pick puck until a friend showed me his. It is an incredible accessory for those who both finger pick and pick strum. I can switch seamlessly between the two playing styles by having the picks so accessible. Plus I am never fumbling for a replacement pick at the ready should I drop one.

I also purchased a Thalia capo as well. Hands down the best capo I’ve used over the years. Its design is both easy to use and functionally sleek so as to not be in the way of chording.

Lastly, both just look like jewelry on my guitar. I’ve received many compliments and have handed out the Thalia website to those who inquire.

Derek O.
Tree of life pick puck! 😍

Quality and aesthetically pleasing, having a pick puck on one of my go-to gig guitars has been a gamechanger! 3 different picks, 3 different tones for the Anthem. Dropped your pick? No volume loss, just grab another. 👍

Pick Puck Testing on Various Guitar Finishes

If you are wondering about how the pick puck may affect your guitar's finish you are in the right place.  In this blog article, I will perform a series of tests on my guitars and talk about finish safety.  The bottom line is that the pick puck uses thousands of nano-sized suction cups to adhere to your guitar.   While it doesn't use adhesive it does use suction, so certain finishes should be avoided.


In this next video, Chris demonstrates how to remove the pick puck safely without damaging the puck or your guitar's finish.