Custom Pick Puck

Custom Pick Puck


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Jean-christophe D.
Nice Quality

I received the 2 pick-Pucks and I must say that the quality is there, as well as this ingenious system to hold the accessory on the soundboard of the guitar.
All is there:
the style
The quality
the practical side

I'm Super happy !

James F.
AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa Pick Puck Mini

Beautifully and unobtrusively complements my lefty SP6 Cedar top and pickguard - a real encouragement to switch between flat and fingerpicking.

Dennis P.
Proud of The Pride Pick Puck

My Daughter adores her Pride Pick Puck that matches her Taylor Guitar and blends beautifully with her Thalia Capo. The ease of use and ability to place perfectly for continued playing if a pick flies during playing to grab a new pick in 1 sweeping movement. Thanks again Thalia, Chris and Team.

Beauty and Function

These pucks are beautiful. The design and finish are as what you’d expect from USA made product. USA pride is there.
Hopefully soon, you guys can offer same designs on Mini Pucks too..

Scott D.
Beautiful Pick Puck!

This is a beautiful design, and I am very happy with it.
I have one of these on 3 different guitars now, and I think they are a perfect way to get another pick very quickly when you need to.

Pick Puck Testing on Various Guitar Finishes

If you are wondering about how the pick puck may affect your guitar's finish you are in the right place.  In this blog article, I will perform a series of tests on my guitars and talk about finish safety.  The bottom line is that the pick puck uses thousands of nano-sized suction cups to adhere to your guitar.   While it doesn't use adhesive it does use suction, so certain finishes should be avoided.


In this next video, Chris demonstrates how to remove the pick puck safely without damaging the puck or your guitar's finish.