Custom Shop Engraving Fee (Engraved Wood Strap)

Custom Shop Engraving Fee (Engraved Wood Strap)

Custom Engraved & Inked Initials in a Strap.

Custom Engraved & Inked Initials in a Strap.

Customer Reviews

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Brett Yesukaitis
Great strap for my Taylor

Quality construction and material. Looks great. Fits well on my strap buttons and I feel secure my guitar won't end up strapless on the floor.

Regan Dreher
Great Purchase!!

I am sooo happy with my strap and pick puck!! Thee highest of quality and looks!! The strap is extremely comfortable and the puck is so easy to use. Very convenient to have when you need a pick it is right there!! I Love My Purchase!! Thank You Chris, Thalia and Team!! Way To Go!!

romualdo chavira
My guitar strap

I really enjoy my guitar strap it is comfortable good quality made and it looks good I really like it.

Stuart Findlay
AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa & Triquetra Engraving | Italian Leather Strap

This strap is the perfect accessory to compliment what my wife calls my "Leprechaun Guitar"... a lovely Harley Benton CST24 in Emerald Green. Since I was having a tough time deciding between this strap, the same one with the Celtic Cross, or the Celtic Knot, I was tempted to get all three. Considering I very rarely play live any more, I came to the conclusion though that that would be pure decadence, and made a choice. Who knows, though? I mean, it's not just a woman's prerogative to change their mind, and Christmas will be here before we know it. Maybe if I bought yet another guitar, my wife wouldn't notice the sudden appearance of an accompanying strap. The strap itself is made of beautifully soft, Italian leather, sits very comfortably on the shoulder, and is a real eye catcher. Maybe I should start gigging again, just to show it off.

Todd Walker
An amazing strap and a beautiful representation of the Marine Corps

I absolutely LOVE my EGA strap on Koa from you guys. The straps are the best I have ever used or seen as far as both look and feel and the quality of the inlaid Eagle, Globe, and Anchor is top notch. I am extremely happy with everything I have gotten from Thalia and can’t wait to find more products!