Custom Shop Engraving Fee (Engraved Wood Strap)

Custom Shop Engraving Fee (Engraved Wood Strap)

Custom Engraved & Inked Initials in a Strap.

Custom Engraved & Inked Initials in a Strap.

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Raj S.
Pearl Inlay Om Strap Review

I LOVE this strap! Its so comfortable for long periods, which is extremely important. And so many folks have asked where I got it! I proudly announce and promote Thalia fully! Got the matching Pick Puck as well. Truly beautiful pieces here! Thank you so much Thalia!

Russell M.
Thalia Moon Phases Leather Strap

This High Quality Suple Stap
Is perfect for your Prized Guitar's
I have to admit it's Soft yet Strong
Attaches easily in all scenarios
The fact it has no metal or plastics
eliminates accidental contact that can scratch or Marr instruments
Doesn't hurt the eye's either!
Very Nice Quality Products✨️

Arturo R.
Guitar Leather Strap

When the strap (lucky clover) arrived I was amazed at the quality of the leather. Once arrived, I immediately put it on my acoustic guitar with the bigger output jack (K & K pure sound), and it fitted well. Returned it right back into my mono gigbag and brought it to church practice. Take note I haven't tried on my guitar yet! Then during practice, I let the song leader try to use my guitar, and this is what he immediately said, "Wow, the leather smells great!". Little did he know, he was the first to "Christianed" or use my strap! Only at that time I, and you guys planning to buy, realised how high premium quality your products are! Thank you Chris, Thalia & Team for your continuous amazing hard work!

Bill M.
Love My Pearl Mandela Capo

Thalia capos are the bomb. Easy to use and look great. I own four and have gifted one to a friend. The pearl mandala is my favorite.

Evan K.
Gibson hummingbird inlay strap

I finally have my dream guitar - 60s Gibson classic. My other gear including strap just seemed cheap compared to my guitar. That is until I added this strap to my guitar. Amazing quality and the color match is near perfect. Love it and haven’t taken it off since adding.