Holiday Gift Guide 2023

November 21, 2023 3 min read

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Our artisans make the best premium guitar accessories that make for incredible gifts. Here are seven great gift ideas for this holiday season.

Note: Many of our products are available with a gift box that can be selected on the product page.

"Best Capos on the Market!

I think this is my 4th Capo I bought from Thalia. Once you use this capo, there is no going back to whatever you were using before. I use two capos, which I'm pretty sure will last forever and I gave out the others as gifts for friends, who were just as pleased."

- Mike

A Thalia Capo is a great gift for any guitar player because it will simply work on any guitar. Capos add versatility to the instrument bringing newfound creativity, inspiration, and fun to their playing!

Choose from a variety of inlay options to fit their guitar and personality.

If you're unsure of what to get, go with our best selling Blue Abalone or Rosewood in Black Chrome!



 "Most comfortable strap I have!

Great strap! Beautifully made. I’m replacing all my guitar straps with these Italian leather straps from Thalia. All of the products I’ve purchased from Thalia are exceptional quality."

- Greg

When it comes to straps, Thalia has you covered. We make the world's most comfortable and beautiful guitar straps out of imported Italian leather, exotic wood and shell. We have dozens of different designs available! Customers are raving about the quality and comfort of our straps.


"The Perfect Gift!

I sent the Pearl Rose Pick Puck 2.0 to my brother for his birthday. He really loved it! I knew he would, since I already own a mini and two Pick Pucks 2.0.They are so functional and beautiful these things are. The pucks are one of the least expensive and most useful gadgets I own."

- Bill
The Thalia Pick Puck is the ultimate pick holder. With our proprietary GuitarSafe Micro-Suction pad, the Pick Puck uses suction instead of adhesive to attach to the guitar. Available with a variety of inlay options, the Pick Puck is both eye catching and highly functional! Great for any guitarist!

"Beautiful pick, Natural feel, Lovely tone

I’m a big fan of timber picks so this is certainly a biased review and Thalia’s picks are just stunningly beautiful, with amazing feel and for me provide a warm tone against the strings. Love them and would recommend."

- David

Our exotic wood picks make for a unique gift for any guitarist, and are especially great for acoustic players.

We also have a range of celluloid picks for those that prefer a more conventional material.

Pair either with one of our pick tins for the perfect guitar gift!


"Awesome T-Shirt

Great quality T-shirt, with unusual and creative artwork depicting the names of finger style guitarists….clever!"

- James 

Our premium quality T-Shirts are available in a variety guitar-themed designs and color options. From our best selling Fingerstyle Guitarist Tribute, to the Rockin' Raccon - guitarists LOVE Thalia T-shirts!


"A Beautiful and Durable Ring

I've worn this Thalia ring for a bit over two years, using it in place of my original wedding ring. It is very attractive, and has received many positive comments. Since I wear it all the time, the ring is exposed to any activity or project I do -- from playing guitar at gigs to gardening to home repair like putting in a floor or repairing the roof. It has stayed beautiful with no wear that I can detect. This past Winter while we were in Ecuador, and visiting with the top guitar maker in the country, he admired the ring, tried it on, and wished he had one. I've since purchased one for him that I'll present when we return there this Winter. I'm very pleased with this purchase, as I have been with other Thalia products."

- Gary

Our rings are made of Tungsten Cobalt (the most scratch resistant metal on earth). They are beautifully inlaid with either blue abalone shell or our AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa wood, the same materials you'll find in beautiful high end guitars.

We offer a full range of sizes for both men and women.


"Five stars for both form and function

Very good quality, as is everything I have purchased from Thalia so far… and their phone case was only about five dollars more than what my local Apple Store charges. My last one from Thalia still looks and protects my old phone perfectly but the phone wore out before the case did."

- DJ 

Our iPhone cases are made with military-grade polycarbonate and inlaid with the same gorgeous exotic woods that you'll find in high-end guitars.

Functional, protective, and works of art - these make a great gift for any guitar player!


There you have it, seven incredible guitar gift ideas for the 2023 Holiday Season!