Deluxe Capo

Hawaiian Koa Celtic Knot

Deluxe Capo

Hawaiian Koa Celtic Knot

Metal Finish
Black Chrome
24K Gold


When sunlight or any direct lighting source hits this Curly Hawaiian Koa it glows.


Without any direct light this Curly Hawaiian Koa takes on a darker appearance. 


Sometimes video is the only way to see the true magic of this wood.  Here it is in all of its glory.

Customer Reviews

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Rob A.
Great Tennessee Whiskey capo

I have purchased for myself or as gifts to others 25+ Thalia Capos. The quality on this one is at the same high standards as all the others, but I will say this one may be in the top two or three as far as visually impressive. Have gotten many complements.

James K.

I could see online that these capos were beautiful, but I had no idea that they could make my Martin sound so much better! Will probably buy more when funds are available. Thanks for making such a fine, quality product.

Craig D.

Can’t make a review until it is received. Still waiting for it to be shipped to its recipient for a birthday present, hopefully it gets their in time.

Deborah J.
Beautiful capo

This capo is not only beautiful, but very useful! It holds the strings down perfectly with no buzz! At first I thought I wouldn’t love how heavy it is, but I didn’t notice it once I put it on my guitar!

Pierre G.

Taylor 300 Series Gemstone | Officially Licensed Capo

Fretboard Radius Guide By Guitar Make & Model

To achieve a perfect fit, the Thalia Capo comes with multiple interchangable fretpads so that you can match the fretboard radius of your specific instrument. The following table lists common fretboard radii used by major manufacturer.  If you do not find your specific brand and model below you can Google your guitar make/model plus the words "fretboard radius"; if that doesn't work you can use the manual method which is described here 

Please Note:  12-String & 8-String Guitars should use our High Tension OctaveTouch fretpads to get the best performance.  Standard Tension and High Tension Rubber fretpads are included with every capo.  Our Teflon fretpads will likely not work on instruments with octave strings. size chart guide fret board



NOTE:  This data has been collected from a wide range of sources and has not been completely verified for accuracy.  If you discover that any of this data is wrong or have additional brands/models to add to our database please send us an email to  Thank you for your help!