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Wood Species
Black Ebony
Santos Rosewood
Indian Rosewood
AAA Curly Koa

Customer Reviews

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Custom truss rod cover & Texas Lone Star capo

When I saw the new custom truss rod covers and the Texas Lone Star capo, I knew that they would fit my 224 Taylor perfectly. Not only would I have a good looking guitar, but a guitar that also supports my personal beliefs in God and country. I didn’t even realize how boring the previous, basic plastic truss rod cover was until I replaced it with the beautiful wood cross emblazoned cover from Thalia. Furthermore, the Lone Star capo not only has good functionality, but just looks super cool. The 224 Taylor is a nice guitar, but the upgrades from Thalia make it “my” guitar. Thanks, Thalia, for providing the opportunity for me to customize my guitar in such cool ways. Lastly, as a side note, the new capo came with a sample wood pick that I was doubtful of, but I am now about to purchase both sampler packages because I liked the sample pick so much.

Taylor Pearl Cross / Black Ebony Truss Rod Cover

I decided to buy a new truss rod cover to give my guitar that personal touch and although there are a number of custom manufacturers I wanted to buy one from somewhere I recognized and could turn to if I had any issues. The cover I received is beautiful and a perfect fit for my guitar, if you're looking for a gift for someone then I'd highly recommend them as well as the rest of the Thalia range (I just have to resist a phone case next).

Looks great!

Well made and attractive OM cover. I needed to find a size large enough to allow cutting off the bottom 1/2" to fit on a custom luthier made acoustic guitar. It worked - although a custom would have been nice and saved some effort.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Seriously Taylor? You put a PLASTIC truss rod cover on a $3k+ guitar? Chris Bradley and Thalia Capo to the rescue.

Chris is a sucker for custom work. If you have an idea that would work well, Chris will be ALL ABOUT fixin' you up with something cool. My idea was to have a "tree" truss rod cover that matched my custom "tree" capo. You can see it is a perfect match, beats the old piece of plastic to pieces, and is a thing of beauty.

Perfect fit, finish, and service! Thanks, Thalia!

Thalia PRS Custom Pearl Element Truss Rod Cover

Awesome cover for my Tonare T40e. Had to do some minor edge sanding towards the nut as the mounting screw would not go in. No big deal. Have to go very slow and easy. Other than that looks really nice and the wood color matches. Looks a lot better than the black plastic one that come with it. Great job as usual Thalia...

Truss Rod Shape Guide By Guitar Make & Model

Thalia Truss Rod Covers fit a wide range of guitar makes & models.  You can print out the shape template to match it to your guitar or you can search for your make and model in this list to determine which shape you will need.  

Please Note:  We have also included common guitars that do not have truss rod covers for completeness.Truss Rod Shape Guide



NOTE:  This data has been collected from a wide range of sources and has not been completely verified for accuracy.  If you discover that any of this data is wrong or have additional brands/models to add to our database please send us an email to  Thank you for your help!