Magnesium Slide

Gibson Black Ebony & Pearl

Magnesium Slide

Gibson Black Ebony & Pearl


Gibson by Thalia Magnesium Slides

Gibson by Thalia Magnesium Slides are made via a collaboration with MagSlide, makers of fine magnesium slides.  We were planning to design our own slide from scratch when we came across the father & son team at MagSlide.   We loved their design and story so much that we decided to partner with them to create a new Thalia version which includes an exotic wood & shell inlay.  We think you will love these slides as much as we do!

"My slide came yesterday and I absolutely love the way the ridges inside the slide cradle my finger. It feels very comfortable and allows me to relax and not have to work at keeping the slide where I want it on my finger which in turn makes my intonation considerably better."

- Charlie M.

Our MAGNESIUM slides are made by MagSlide and sent to our California studio where we carefully inspect each slide for quality and then install fine wood and shell inlays to order.  


  • 33% Lighter than Glass
  • 75% Lighter than Steel
  • 80% Lighter than Brass

Length: 2.515"
Outside Diameter: 1.149"
Inside Diameter: .760 - .832 

Customer Photo

"An incredibly light slide with a lovely design..."

- Conqueso

Customer Photo

"What an incredible work of art. This magnesium slide is so light and easy to play with. I love the design and the feel."

- Paul K.


Sometimes video is worth a thousand pictures.  In this short video see what our customers are saying and hear how warm it sounds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 214 reviews
Charles M.
Just right

Lovely look to go with a rosewood Martin

Steve H.

I love the design especially with the grooves inside.

Michael T.
Perfect slide!

the slide is very well made, adapts perfectly to my hand and, most importantly, produces an absolutely perfect sound.

Joan R.
Very Light and Comfortable

I purchased this slide for my guitar teacher. He was extremely impressed with the look, feel and weight of the slide. He said it would be a definite improvement over the slides he is used to using!

Marc S.
Bling Bling

The capos are fully functional and add “bling” to my instrument.